Research and Surveillance for Private Investigations


Research and Intelligence Services

In today’s world people unknowingly leave digital footprints in a multitude of places. Our agency utilizes a large number and types of professional grade database services. These specialized databases are reserved for legitimate purposes by qualified and licensed agencies. Our investigators can perform criminal and civil history checks, determine assets, phone numbers, relatives and associates, locate addresses decades old, plus many other fact finding searches.

Professional Private Investigations, LLC mission is to employ smart investigative strategies (SIS), a part of which starts with our Intelligence Unit. Many times, skilled investigative agents, are able to pinpoint information critical to a client’s case involving missing persons, locating witnesses, general background checks, including pre-martial checks, sensitive position background checks for corporate clients, and support for cases involving child custody and clients who have some concerns about their current partner’s loyalty in the relationship. We will gather, collate, analyze and present the critical information to our clients, keeping you updated on your case’s progress. Professional Private Investigations, LLC wants to work with you as a part of our team.

Many times the PI must conduct on site surveillance or interviews to follow up with the results of the database searches.

Your assigned PI will use many available resources including social media investigations, interviews and at times photographic surveillance, both static and mobile. Bear in mind keeping surveillance down to a minimum can greatly reduce the overall cost of an investigation.

Two Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are you rates and how do I start my investigation?

Your case will be based upon either an hourly rate, competitive with other Polk County PI’s and mileage rate of .40/ mile. All hourly cases have a minimum of four hours. Alternatively, your case may be based upon an anticipated project rate. The best example would be a general background check. Any investigation requires our “Retainer Agreement” to be completed prior to the commencement of services.