Personalized and Confidential Private Investigations

Professional Private Investigations Services

Our investigators and operatives are professionals trained with backgrounds in bail bondsman, Legal research, law enforcement and corrections. The CEO holds a Bachelor Degree of Science in Business Law with a Minor in Criminal Justice from Warner University. The CEO has over 28 years experience in Investigations and Protection Security. 

Our Lakeland agency has the experience, technology and networks to provide effective results with well executed plans using our Specialized Intelligence Services (SIS).



Investigative Research & Surveillance for attorneys can give your clients case an enormous edge. Locate critical witnesses, child custody background investigations and locating people nationwide are a small part of attorney services. Our investigative techniques are cost effective and get results. Photographic surveillance and field interviews add value, to whatever your case may entail. Attorneys, call us today and hire us to assist your client. SIS include employment locates, nationwide utility searches and Bank and Asset searches for legal reasons.

These services enhance efforts of an attorney, insurance claims investigations and for other critical reasons.


Video and Photographic Surveillance Solutions can include covert video and photographic imagery to enhance your case. We adhere to legal requirements and provide accurate investigative reports.

Database resources requires the knowledgeable use of professional databases, typically used by investigative reporters, federal, law enforcement agencies, and professional investigators globally. Our cutting edge databases provide access to billions of public records and files, to help cultivate investigative leads and answer unknown questions and hidden secrets.

Cheating Spouse and infidelity has steadily been on the raise for nearly 20 years. Questionable spousal loyalty is generally "sensed" long before we get a call. Peace of mind knowing the truth is priceless. Call and assign one of our private detectives to your case! Personalized and Confidential investigative services for you!

Child Custody/Time Sharing investigations will definitively help your attorney with suitability issues of a parent. Florida is a no fault divorce state, however, the issue of child visitations and time sharing needs to be explored and evidence gathered as to the suitability of the opposing party. Many times, a client simply wants to be reassured that their children are in a safe environment while with the other parent. Just Peace Of Mind



Human Resource Professionals and business owners should be armed to protect your business with information. Check on employee integrity and customer service. Professional Private Investigations, LLC will conduct due diligent background checks on all employees, mid- management security clearances, new partners and vendors. Rolling background checks every three years can be a liability saver! Asset searches, business background/profiles, and violations of non-compete agreements can be conducted. Today's corporate world must have "liability awareness".


Out of State Licensed Investigators who need help in Polk County For the protection of our clients and preferred partner investigation firms, Professional Private Investigations, LLC is fully insured. Know that the State of Florida does not require insurance for an out of state private investigation agency. Our insurance protects both our agency and our clients.

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Workers Compensation

Disability Claims

Well Being Checks 


  • Legal Support
  • Alimony Reduction
  • Surveillance
  • Locate Witnesses
  • Employee Integrity/Background Checks
  • Non Compete Violations
  • Well Being Checks
  • Spousal Loyalty
  • Locate People
  • Locate Assets
  • Social Network Investigations
  • Time Sharing
  • Business Investigations