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News from Professional Private Investigations, LLC will help keep you up to date on investigative and intelligence news, tactics, and provide useful tips and sources to help you. Our agency wants you, the consumer, to be informed.


Quick access to all the Sheriff Departments in Florida

Locate a Sheriffs' Office in Florida

Florida Licensing Agency for Private Investigators

Florida Department Of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs

FALI for Locating Professional Investigators in Florida.

Florida Association of Licensed Investigators

Federal Bureau of Investigations Most Wanted-Some Faces You Can't Forget!

FBI Ten Most Wanted

Latest Updated FBI Website

FBI Missing & Kidnapped Persons

Learn About Identity Theft, Skimmers, Sniffers and IRS Fraud

National Crime Stoppers

Polk County Courthouse

Polk County Clerks Office

Find Lakeland City Important Phone Numbers

Lakeland City Hall Phones

Florida Department of State

Florida DOS

Florida Highway Patrol-Major Responsibility Is Traffic Enforcement & Accident Investigations.

Highway Patrol Information

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

FDLE-State Investigations in Florida-Check for Sex Offenders, Wanted Persons. FDLE conducts investigations from official misconduct to computer crimes and forensic labs

Florida's "FBI". Outstanding Forensic Lab!



Popular Cell Phone App Poses Big Privacy Concerns

Brightest Flashlight Free" has over 10 M downloads on the Android platform. Allegations against the developer include the applications ability to transmit device data including geolocation and persistent identifiers, even if you refuse.

Getting Government Documents

Conduct investigations on your own through the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA)

News reporters commonly use FOIA when doing background stories dealing with federal agencies and politicians. Attorney's may do the same. You also have the right to documents held in government agencies. The process does require some fee and requires you must describe in some detail records you are seeking in order for the researcher to locate the documents and your request must conform with that particular agency's regulations.

Samples Letters to Request FOIA

Websites of Interest

- News on computer crimes, gangs and regional homeland security in Polk County.